The most efficient way in transferring your sheet material to and from our pallets. Big Steel Rack’s Sheet Metal depalletizing system is a time-efficient sheet metal pin table that will safely transfer your sheet material to our Big Steel Rack Pallet. Watch the video below to see the numerous benefits of owning our depalletizing system.

Big Steel Rack - Depalletizer

The Depalletizer is the most effective way to transfer your sheet metal to your sheet metal storage racks. At Big Steel Rack, we understand that you need an efficient material handling process that you can depend on to keep things organized and safe in your warehouse. That’s why we designed our sheet metal depalletizer.

The depalletizer will reduce time and damage in your material transfer process. You can rely on our sheet metal depalletizing pin table system to efficiently transfer your sheet metal without damaging the material, and reduce your scrap waste.

Our number one priority is to keep your workers safe while operating as efficiently as possible.

Watch the video to see how fast and easy it will be to transfer sheet material when you own a Big Steel Rack depalletizer pin table systems.

As you can see from the video, a Big Steel Rack depalletizer eliminates the material transfer time and creates a safe and efficient material handing process. Our number one priority is to keep your workers safe while operating as efficiently as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about our sheet metal depalletizing system, please get in touch with us. We hope to work with you soon.

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Frequently asked questions

The Big Steel Rack Depalletizer allows you to transfer material from a wooden pallet by providing support for the sheet metal bundle while debanding. Use your forklift to transfer the material from the Depalletizer pins to your Big Steel Rack sheet metal pallet. We recommend requesting your sheet metal be palletized on your Big Steel Rack pallets from your material supplier. Using Big Steel Rack pallets as returnable pallets eliminates any additional material transferring time.

If Returnable Pallets are not an option, we recommend switching to 3×3/4×4 wood battens/runners for all material stacks that can be. This makes the transfer process extremely efficient. Simply place 2-3 Big Steel Rack pallets on top of the Depalletizer then place your material bundle on the pins and deband the bundle, remove the banding and battens/runners. Using your forklift, bring the Big Steel Rack pallet up to the sheet metal material stack. Shifting front to back & left to right as needed for ideal placement on the pallet.

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