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Big Steel Racks are the newest space saving innovation in sheet metal storage.

Do you have pallets of material stacked up that you constantly have to move and sift through to get to what you need? Don’t worry because we have designed our sheet metal racks to help you spend less time on material handling and focus more on value-added production.

Are you getting tight on floor space? Big Steel Racks are the solution to your problem. With the help of our High-Density sheet metal storage racks, you can organize and consolidate your metal all in one vertical storage area, providing you with more manufacturing space without expanding your facility. We highly recommend our sheet metal storage racks to fabrication and manufacturing facilities with significant sheet metal storage.

Our sheet metal racks free up 40 to 60% of your current storage footprint when switching from older cantilever racks or pallet racking.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Standard Pallet Types

Containment Pin

Stacking Pin

Solid Top

Frequently asked questions

At our standard spacing between pallets of 4 inches:
3.5 Feet Tall= 5 locations
8 Feet Tall= 12 locations
10 Feet Tall= 16 locations
12 Feet Tall= 19 locations
14 Feet Tall= 22 locations
16 Feet Tall= 25 locations
Custom heights available on request.

Each pallet has a maximum uniform load weight of 5000 lbs. At this weight, you can evenly distribute across the pallet surface. A standard spacing of 4 inches provides you with 3 inches of material stack height. We recommend 1 inch of clearance from the top of your material stack to the bottom of your next pallet.

Yes, you can have custom spacing between each pallet location, but are still required to keep loads to 5,000 lbs or less of uniform load on the pallet. Increased spacing is great for lighter materials at smaller sizes, giving you the most sheet metal storage density.

We recommend requesting your sheet metal be palletized on your Big Steel Rack pallets from your material supplier. Using Big Steel Rack pallets as returnable pallets eliminates any additional material transferring time.

If Returnable Pallets are not an option, we recommend switching to 3×3/4×4 wood battens/runners for all material stacks. This makes the transfer process extremely efficient.

Yes, all Big Steel Rack systems are designed and built to meet ANSI & AISC Standards. Each system receives a third-party professional engineer approval to ensure all standards are met.

We recommend 3-4 feet of clearance above your Big Steel Rack to ensure your forklift mast does not contact any overhead piping, cranes, or building structures. You will need approximately 5 feet of clearance to upright your Big Steel Rack during installation.